welcome to platform100.com

The platform100 project is composed of 5 cultural sites situated on Berlin’s famous #100 bus line. These five places draw hardly the attention although they are situated on a tourist route revealing all the big monuments and the famous places of the city, They are places of passage, vague or indistinct that fill the residual space between the various "curiosities" of Berlin. These unfocused places are generally deprived of a codified identity to the eyes of the bus 100 users or passers-by. They are marginalized, forgotten or ignored in the urban stream which surrounds them but define, although they escape our attention, the space of the city and the urban life. Focus on these sites can give a new breath to every place and propose an innovative form of inter-cultural communication.

platform100 consists in five sites which become "living" frames of five related urban realities resulting from less known countries. The project wants to bring general attention on the characteristics of these five unfocused places while creating a form of particular inter-cultural communication pairing a country with a site. On every place you can find a visual support (a billboard from 1,5m by 2m) allowing a reflection on the relativity of various cultural standards. The link between the sites is made thanks to explanatory leaflets let in the bus 100 and the different stops.

Every Berlinese place is associated to another place situated in another country. This association is visually recognizable on the billboards where photos are placed. The purpose is to arouse a reflection on the specific nature of every place. Having this double identity on every site (the place and the photo installation) generates an interesting complementary duality. The photo billboard acts as key signal to draw the attention on the place, then more the observer gets closer to the picture, the less it is discernible (photos are elaborated in a way to be perceptible at a distance furthermore of 15m and become illegible at short distance) and so focus the attention on the site where is located this picture.

platform100 is a visual communication project playing on the perceptions of the observer by proposing an interactive way of getting in different urban realities of Berlin and other countries.